AECB News : AECB CarbonLite Passivhaus Designer Course in London – Starts 27th April


Last chance to book for the full course in London.

Contact Ingrid Bravo on 01752452546 or email

London Venue: 

The Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings (CEREB) in South Bank

·         Week 1: 27th-30th April

·         Week 2: 11th-15th May

·         Exam:  29th May

Additional one day course on 1st May:

  • Introduction to Psi values (am) with Marine Sanchez – morning session
  • DesignPH (pm) with Dave Edwards – afternoon session

Passivhaus and Low Energy Building Design is rapidly becoming an essential skill for Architects, Consultants and Self-builders. Our course will give you the confidence to tackle UK low energy projects along with more specific guidance on achieving the standard of air tightness and thermal bridge free construction required by the Passivhaus standard.  Our course is delivered by highly experienced UK professionals and leads to international accreditation as a Certified Passivhaus Designer or Consultant.

Why AECB Carbonlite? 

  • Obtain an international accreditation as a Certified Passivhaus Designer or Consultant.
  • Our Course is the only one developed specifically for the UK and uses UK building examples,rather than the European CEPH material taught by others.
  • This course is written and taught by leaders in UK Passivhaus development, They are the experts who are actually successfully designing/ building Passivhaus in UK: amongst others,Bill Butcher, Alan Clarke, Sally Godber, Nick Grant, Eric Parks, Marine Sanchez, Mark Siddall, Will South, Peter Warm and the WARM staff who have supported over 200 buildings in low energy design as well as being Passivhaus certifiers.

For full details click here.

Our course also includes a Passivhaus site visit and optional meal out as part of the Science module on 28th Apr and Building Services module on 11th May.

Too busy at the moment?

Book individual days or take the first week of the course in April and the second week in our next courses:

Hereford: September

Architype, an inspiring architectural Practice, will host our September course at their restored and sustainable office in Hereford.

  • Week1: 7th to 11th September
  • Week2: 21st -25th September

London: November

  • Week1: 2nd-6th November
  • Week2: 16th-+20th November

Find out more at

Full Passivhaus Cost: £2,400 + VAT for AECB members, (£2,800 + VAT for non-members); from £300+ VAT for individual modules.





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