AECB News : Above and beyond energy-efficiency – UK Passivhaus Conference, 24th October.

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Join the Passivhaus Trust on the 24th October in London at the UK Passivhaus Conference to hear an exciting line up of speakers discussing energy-efficient building solutions to meeting zero carbon targets, and the impact of health & wellbeing.

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Comfortable living and working conditions are crucial for happiness health & wellbeing. Since we spend almost 90% of our time indoors, buildings have an important part to play, but how do we measure wellness, and what part do sustainable materials play? The Conference will explore the health benefits of low-energy buildings, the impact of internal air quality, bau biologie, and measuring criteria,

Hear about some exciting keynote projects such as Architype’s Bicester Eco Business Centre. The 1147m2 building will form a key element of the zero-carbon northwest Bicester Eco Town in Elmsbrook, which is currently under construction. A pallet of non-toxic natural materials, optimised clean air supply and reduced use of excessive artificial heat and light all support a healthy working environment, aiming to increase workforce wellness and productivity.

Representatives from across the nation will be sharing their secrets to success, and initiatives aiming at transforming the world’s built environment. Policy and procurement seminars will explore how the Government and clients are encouraging uptake of low -energy building around the UK and why a fabric-first approach is proving popular.

The event will get into the nitty gritty of Passivhaus detail & best practice with tech tasters delivered by Passivhaus Professionals who are regular trainers on the AECB Carbonlite course. Learn tips and tricks on how to design out overheating, maintain quality assurance on site, and successfully delivering complex & large-scale schemes.

Why get involved:

  • Explore the connections between low-carbon energy-efficient buildings and occupant health & wellbeing.
  • Hear the latest on keynote UK projects pushing Passivhaus frontiers.
  • Technical Tasters delivered by AECB carbonlite trainers.
  • Discuss the importance of sustainable buildings, in the wider global context and within a low-carbon future.

To view a full programme and for further Information visit:  #UKPHC17

Further Information

What to expect at the 2017 UK Passivhaus Conference


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