Omnisense remote monitoring system

Omnisense remote monitoring combines wireless sensors with a reporting web site for 24/7 monitoring of humidity, temperature and wood moisture content in buildings.  The remote monitoring system is quick and simple to install (“plug and play”) and easy to use.

For more information about the system  please download this case study (PDF) .




Current AECB Membership Offer

The AECB has negotiated an ongoing rate of benefit to members and can offer the Omnisense remote monitoring system at significantly preferential terms to AECB members for projects that would benefit from environmental condition monitoring. The Omnisense system is a web-based remote monitoring system for buildings that measures relative humidity, temperature and moisture level. Currently members who have taken up this offer are monitoring various internal wall insulation constructions, insulated suspended timber floors, conditions within brickwork that has been externally insulated, etc.

Download AECB Monitoring Analysis Service Brochure

For monitoring equipment prices please contact Sally Hall.

If  you would like to discuss requirements or would like a quotation for data analysis please contact Tim Martel.

A forum thread has been created  to discuss the Omnisense Remote Monitoring System


OmniSense G-3-C-GSM Gateway with 3G Cellular Data and 10 sensors in a custom padded carry case, EU Version.


G-3-C-GSM Gateway with 3G GSM Cellular Option


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