REALcosting for PHPP v9.6

Retrofitting insulation into houses improves comfort, reduces running costs and saves CO2. REALcosting software allows users to try out retrofit measures and see the impact on energy and cost. It can include co-benefits and is giving encouraging results for deep retrofits.

Retrofit Economics Analysis and Lifetime costing, or ‘REALcosting’, is an Excel based spreadsheet which fills in PHPP (Passivhaus Planning Package) energy calculations for you. Energy results are combined with adjustable costs to show how economic each option is. It’s simple but amazingly flexible and has undergone thorough testing.

REALcosting is used with the latest version of Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP sold separately by AECB), which has improved energy calculations, error checking/warnings and a particularly useful feature called Variants. The programming language used means the software us only suitable for PC’s.

  • quick and simple to use, writes PHPPs for you
  • 11 standard construction build-ups you can edit
  • Thermal Bridge Library, we also calculate variations
  • includes build and maintenance costs
  • includes fully working example of a semi-detached house
  • includes running cost of MVHR or MEV
  • choice of fuel type with energy price rises
  • optional VAT
  • optional co-benefits for comfort and increase in house price, with guidelines of how much they would be
  • optional step-by-step retrofit over many years
  • energy results are presented with costs to show how economic each option is (NPV)

REALcosting automatically writes PHPPs for the energy calculations and uses the results. The REALcosting interface is simple and the large range of further refinements in PHPP are still available by modifying these PHPPs (they also allow you to check the PHPPs, which is strongly recommended). Any modifications you make to the PHPP’s are updated into the REALcosting results with one button.
Available from at £199.00 including a half day of training via netmeeting.

PHPP training is separately available from the AECB

More information is available at the realcosting website here.

Please email here to book or if you have any questions.

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