Featured : A Very Successful 2014 AECB Conference – PICTURES NOW ADDED


Photo by Neill Lewis

This year’s AECB conference was held on 11th and 12th July 2014 at Wills Hall,  University of Bristol and was a huge success. More information will be added shortly. Scroll down to see pictures from the event.

Presentations are in the process of being uploaded here


Download the 2014 AECB Conference Programme 

PDF 101 KB

Download AECB 2014 Conference Speakers Biographies (updated)

Photos by Neill Lewis

Photos by Neill Lewis


Photos by Neill Lewis

Photos by Neill Lewis


Photos by Peter Wilshaw

Photos by Peter Wilshaw


Technical workshops and presentations included;

  • Jon Broome: How to do really good buildings in wood
  • Bill Butcher & Mark Elton: Large and small retrofits using timber
  • Alan Clarke: Heating low energy buildings.
  • Tomas Gartner and David Gale: Building biology: a new UK Network?
  • Cath Hassell: Briefing for designers – the floods.
  • Jonathan Hines: Architype’s 30 years of radical timber construction.
  • Aubrey Mayer of the Global Commons Institute: The latest UN climate change report and global justice
  • Harry Paticas: Monitoring moisture in historic building – a retrofit to AECB Silver Standard.
  • Bernard Plantrose: Planting trees to make more buildings.
  • Kate de Selincourt: Does natural ventilation work?
  • Andy Simmonds: Launch of the AECB Retrofit Carbonlite programme
  • Kate Watson of Bristol Green Doors: Exemplar retrofits – what role can open homes events play?
  • Mike Whitfield and Fran Bradshaw: 2 new and different timber frame buildings to Passivhaus.


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