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This on-line, retrofit course provides you with the tools to understand how buildings interact with moisture and energy and what makes for a comfortable and healthy environment. Bringing together a vast body of experience, this is the first advanced retrofit course of this type in the UK. Study at home, with on-line tutor sessions with AECB expert practitioners.
This course is aimed principally at UK construction professionals and those whose role involves decision making around retrofit.  It brings together a wealth of knowledge on low energy building retrofit including drawing on Passivhaus Enerphit experience. The focus is on the undertaking of appropriate energy efficient retrofit for the building, and aims to deepen your understanding of building physics and the risks associated with measures in order to enable you to make informed decisions.

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Passivhaus Designer Training  and Certification.

This course is aimed principally at building professionals in the UK:  Architects, Builders, Building Engineers and others who want to learn how to deliver real low energy buildings. It introduces the principles behind the Passivhaus standard and methodologies and the use of the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) for achieving low energy performance. To get the most out of taking the full course we recommend that you need to have a knowledge of UK construction systems, an ability to read building plans and an understanding of basic algebra.

What does the course involve?

Carbonlite Training Course
The Passivhaus Designer qualification is an internationally accredited scheme linked back to the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. On successful completion of the exam delegates are listed on the Passivhaus Designer database where they will be awarded either Passivhaus Designer or Passivhaus Consultant status, depending on existing academic qualifications.The CarbonLite Passivhaus Designer Programme is designed to prepare delegates not only for the exam but for future involvement in very low energy building projects.

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