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Author Topic: Introduction  (Read 47520 times)

Mark Siddall

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« on: September 04, 2007, 07:48:38 AM »
The hope is that by providing links to key threads the AECB will be able to be of assistance to those that seek to draw upon the wealth of knowledge now contained upon this forum. The purpose of this index is to offer an overview of the primary discussions. The index will be updated intermittently so as to ensure that it keeps track of developments both upon the site and within the broader sustainable building debate.

It is hoped that much of the sifting through one off topics has been done and that this in turn will help you the reader to quickly focus upon those threads that begin to describe certain aspects of current good and best practice. This index is not comprehensive, nor is it meant to be. Some threads may appear in more than one category, where this is the case it this simply reflects the fact that some topics are multi-faceted and cannot readily be allocated to a singular topic.

If others wish to add to the index it is requested that they post suggestions in the Suggestions Box forum (please provide links to the thread/s that you may wish to have included).

On behalf of the AECB I hope you have a pleasant visit ;-)

P.S. Please feel free to re-active dormant threads, this will help to concentrate important  information in something of a centralise location...... It makes my life easier as well! ;-)
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