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Author Topic: Green roof dissertation  (Read 5467 times)

Ruth Fletcher

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  • nick grant
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Green roof dissertation
« on: July 26, 2005, 03:13:36 PM »
I am doing a masters and as part of my dissertation I am doing a questionnaire about green roofs.  This is for anyone who has designed and installed a green roof.  If you have a moment please copy the below into an email and fill in the blanks.  It does not take that long...
Thank you

Questionnaire about green roofs

There is limited published information derived from previous experience.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information for use in the production of a report to assess the value of green roofs for biodiversity.  (Under the heading, ‘green roofs’ I am also including any roof designed for living material to grow on it including brown roofs.) 

I am trying to identify:

§   To what extent biodiversity is considered during the design of green roofs;
§   How successful green roofs have been so far in helping Local or National Biodiversity Action Plan Species. 

Please return this by email as soon as possible (latest 10th  August). 


1   Name

2   Occupation

3   Are you familiar with the idea of green roofs as a contribution to the urban environment?

4   When approximately did you first learn about green roofs?

5   What role(s) have you had in green roof projects? 

6   Please rank in order of importance the priorities the reasons for including a green roof on your projects.  (1 = most important; 7 = least important).

…..   As an amenity resource
…..   Biodiversity enhancement
…..   Drainage attenuation
…..   Protecting roof materials from UV light
…..   To improve air quality
…..   To improve thermal insulation
…..   Other (please specify)



A   How many projects, that you have been involved in, considered a specific species or habitat as a priority in design? 
(If none please go to question 8, if positive, please answer B-E)

B   Did you consider Local or National Biodiversity Action Plan Species?

C   Is the target species using the roof? 

D   Are any other biodiversity action plan species using the roof?

E   Please fill in the list below with examples of projects you have undertaken involving biodiversity action plan (BAP) species. 

Project name
Species targeted   
Roof substrate   
Monitoring (Yes / No)   
Beneficial feature of roof for species if known.     
Which Local BAP is species targeted by?

8   In your view, what features of the green roofs that you have been involved with been particularly successful in encouraging biodiversity? 

9   What features of a green roof are, in your view, not good for encouraging biodiversity?
(please specify reasons)

10   Any other comments?

Ruth Fletcher