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eco internal finishes
« on: July 20, 2010, 10:44:09 AM »
Just wondering if anyone could make any recommendations on some alternative eco internal finishes?  We're doing a D&B primary school, we need to come up with an 'aspirational' and 'more realistic' sustainable options (read: your finishes sound expensive, have you got any cheaper suggestions). Listed below are some materials we typically consider, but we'd appreciate suggestions of other sustainable products you'd recommend, particularly for flooring.

Carpet (Renewal Carpet Tiles, Interface)
Barrier matting (Jaymart Flex-tuft, Interface Tirex)
Linoleum (Forbo Marmoleum)
Rubber sheet flooring (Nora rubber)
Alternatives to rubber for areas requiring higher slip resistance (WCs, kitchen)?
Sports flooring (Nora rubber, sprung timber)

[Particularly for higher levels of acoustic performance]
Acoustic pb / ceiling tiles
Timber battens (as St Luke's classrooms)

Paints - VOC free, needs to be pretty durable (Keim, Dulux Ecosure, Green Paints, Auro)
Acoustic panels (Heraklith/Troldtekt)

Many thanks!