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The objective and aims of the AECB is to facilitate environmentally responsible practices within building. Specifically the AECB aims to:- promote the use of products and materials which are safe, healthy and sustainable encourage members projects that respect, protect and enhance the environment make available comprehensive information and guidance about products, methods and projects support the interests and endeavours of members in achieving these aims

Keith & Sally Hall – Founders Keith and Sally founded  the association for environment conscious building in 1989 following their concern about the use of unsustainable tropical timber in the UK construction industry. They are committed to disseminating information on green building with particular emphasis on promoting eco building products. Keith’s publishing business, the Green Building Press, publishes Green Building magazine (formerly Building for a Future) and the Green Building Bible. Chris Baines – Honorary President Chris is an independent advisor to government ministers, local councils and to senior executives in the construction, water, housing and oil industries. He is » Read More

1989 AECB  – the Sustainable Building Association was founded by Keith and Sally Hall  as The Association of Environment Conscious Builders , with a quarterly newsletter sent to members. 1990 The name was changed to The Association for Environment Conscious Building to reflect more accurately the diverse membership. Subscription rates were introduced and the first issue of the AECB’s Products and Services Directory was published. 1991 The first issue of ‘Building for a Future’ in magazine format was produced. 1992 The Greener Building products and services directory, written by Keith Hall and Peter Warm, was published. It was launched by » Read More

About the AECB

The AECB is a network of individuals and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building.

AECB, The Association for Environment Conscious Building, is a network of individuals, students, educational establishments and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building. It brings together builders, architects, designers, manufacturers, housing associations and local authorities, to develop, share and promote best practice in environmentally sustainable building. The AECB was established in 1989 to increase awareness within the construction industry of the need to respect the environment. The AECB is run by its members and is an independent, not for profit organisation. We promote excellence in design and construction, rather than gimmicks and green accounting tricks. The AECB’s standards » Read More

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Low energy buildings

Low energy buildings

Low Energy Buildings Database : a unique source of real-world information about building energy performance. Information on over 100 buildings and rising, presented in a » Read More

A Very Successful 2014 AECB Conference – see Pictures and Presentations Here

A Very Successful 2014 AECB Conference – see Pictures and Presentations Here

This year’s sell out AECB Annual Conference and AGM was held in the University of Bristol’s Wills Hall Campus.  While the campus had no particular » Read More

Local Groups & Events

Local Groups & Events

The AECB has a network of Local Groups across the whole country, providing an opportunity to meet with both AECB members and interested non-members in » Read More

CarbonLite Training

CarbonLite Training

Guiding you through becoming a certified Passivhaus designer and giving you the confidence to tackle UK Passivhaus projects This course is aimed principally at building » Read More

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Soapbox – can you contribute?


October 7, 2014

“Grrr, that is so annoying!”   “It really bugs me the way that …”   well, if something is bugging you, feel free to share it with fellow AECB members and the wider world, via our Soapbox feature.  Just drop a line to kate@aecb.net and sketch out » Read More

AECB CarbonLite Passivhaus Designer Courses


October 2, 2014

With Passivhaus expertise more and more in demand, AECB CarbonLite courses offer the chance to gain the internationally recognised Certified Passivhaus Designer qualification. At the same time you will be benefiting from material uniquely tailored to UK building situations and showcasing UK examples. You can » Read More

AECB Conference 2014 Feedback


September 24, 2014

Many thanks to all of those of you who took the trouble to complete the 2014 AECB Annual Conference feedback form.  The feedback was very positive with some very constructive comments. The full results are on the AECB website but below is a taster; Q3)  » Read More

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