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AECB Membership Benefits and Discounts

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passivehouseplusmagsPassive House Plus Magazine

  • Full subscription to Passive House Plus Magazine (published 6 times a year) including an online package of additional content and resources which include exclusive image galleries of plans and construction details of most buildings featured.
  • Additional copies of magazines can be issued to large company members on request.


training131AECB Carbonlite Training and Courses


AECB-logoMarketing Opportunities (Company Memberships)





Trade Discounts

  • Mike Wye Associates offer a 5% discount across their entire product range (excluding any bulk discounts which may be offered for large orders). Telephone 01409 281644 or visit, and
  • The Green Building Store offer an additional 2.5% discount over and above other trade or quantity discount normally offered (this applies to Ecoplus windows, Ecocontract, Ecopassiv, Alu2wood, Alphawin, Enersign, MVHR systems, sanitaryware, Pro Clima tapes and membranes and insulation materials) contact the Telephone 01484 854898 or visit Green Building Store
  • Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ Construction and Engineering team offer a free 30 minute initial consultation with expert lawyers, email
  • Good Homes Alliance offer 10% discount on all their events. Visit for further information or telephone 020 7704 3503
  • The Co-operative Phone and Broadband offers everything you need to stay connected; including mobile services. Members get a £10 credit on their first bill; 6% of their spend goes back to supporting AECB’s work – just quote unique code AF0130 when switching. Find out more on
  • Envirobuild offer members 5% discount across all products – this is on top of any other trade discount given.  Please visit their website here.


We rely on membership subscriptions to fund the core work of the AECB and so the Association really does value your help. Our financial independence means that we can be an entirely independent voice when lobbying Government and trying to influence the agenda for sustainable construction in the UK.
Your membership subscriptions help us to continue our essential work and we offer an attractive range of benefits in return.

Membership Categories -Annual fees

A: Full time student – £36.00
B: Supporting Individual – £54.00
C: Sole trader – £75.00
D: Small company,Turnover< £250k – £150
E: Medium company,Turnover< £1m – £285.00
F: Larger company,Turnover>£1m – £450.00
G: Educational Institutions/Local Authorities − £390.00
H: Largest companies >£10m Turnover- £900.00

All prices inclusive of VAT .
Students and Supporting Individuals will not have a listing on our Member Services Directory as they are not offering a service.
Please note if you are an overseas subscriber, VAT may not be applicable but we do not make any deductions as this helps contribute towards postage costs.

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To find out more about the benefits of AECB membership or discuss ways in which your organisation can work with AECB, please email Emma or phone 0845 456 9773


The AECB is intended to be a network of individuals and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building. The AECB is not an accrediting body and membership does not imply any level of either trade, professional or environmental competence.

* Courses will be added to our newsletter provided they do not compete with those which we offer

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