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Welcome from AECB Chair

The AECB Chair, Peter Wilkinson opened the conference.

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CarbonLite Retrofit Demonstration

Andy Simmonds and Bill Butcher Monitoring CLR Results Tim Martel, MCIAT CEPH The AECB monitors 10 sites for the CarbonLite Retrofit course and Simmonds.Mills monitors » Read More

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    Document : CarbonLite Retrofit Certification: Cumberworth Case Study (3 MB)

Air Tightness Pow Wow

Find out what is required to deliver Passivhaus at a practical level and how to comply with QA issues and testing. Led by leading airtightness » Read More

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    Document : Long Term Experience by Mark Siddall (1 MB)

BREXIT anyone?

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    Document : BREXIT anyone? (1 MB)

Capturing the AECB Corporate and Guru Knowledge

Brian Murphy, Green Building Encyclopaedia and National Green Specification Capturing AECB corporate and guru knowledge before it’s lost forever: How Green Building Encyclopaedia can join » Read More

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    Document : Capturing AECB’s Golden Nuggets & Guru Know-How - Handout (4 MB)

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    Document : Capturing AECB’s Golden Nuggets & Guru Know-How - Slides (13 MB)


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The AECB’s Conference and AGM is being held at the Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia on 1th and 16th July 2016.  The agm business » Read More

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Seeing is Believing By Andrew Warren

The Importance of Open Homes to Promote Energy Efficiency

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    Document : Seeing is Believing (1,018 kB)

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Why Should Architects Adopt Passivhaus? By Tara Gbolade

Soapbox Article to discuss the Benefits of Passivhaus

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    Document : Why should Architects Adopt Passivhaus? By Tara Gbolade (1,010 kB)

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Carrots, Sticks and Tambourines; A Donkey Serenade by Andrew Warren

On average, we are all 18% wealthier in real terms than we were at the start of the century.  On average, we are achieving this » Read More

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2014/2015 Annual Report

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    Document : 2014/2015 Annual Report (967 kB)

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