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Principal Contact Peter Warm
Address 3 Admirals Hard Plymouth Devon PL1 3RJ England
Phone 01752 542546

Legal Details

Legal status partnership
Membership of Professional Bodies MIE
Number of People in the business 1

Profile : AECB Member Profile

Business Sector

Building services/energy consultancy

Business description

Environment Conscious Building Services Design. I love working to make the building shell itself perform the traditional service function; light from the sky; ventilation from the breeze; heat from the sun; rain from the roof ..... I specialise in taking simple concepts and making them work in real engineering terms.


Buildings Energy Consultant

Main business activities

  • Superinsulation avoiding thermal bridges
  • Air pressure tests
  • Training for architects etc in low energy design
  • Energy Consultants
  • Building Services Engineering (out)

Scope of Work

I work on my own or with coleagues as appropriate


Materials Sourcing

see above

Energy Efficiency

see above

Reducing the environmental footprint of the business

see above

AECB Member Profile : Projects

10 Hillcrest Park - very well insulated house

Project Date 2005
image of 10 Hillcrest Park - very well insulated house
scope Developer
aims Design and oversee build
measures Superinsulation and airtightness
250mm fully filled cavity, 300mm insulated I beam roof, airtight to 1.5 m/h@50Pa, fantastic daylighting, Ifo Wcs etc
monitoring So far elect 200% national average, gas 10% national average. Guess they are heating it on the tumble dryer?
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