2011 Annual Conference: Feedback

A synopsis of the feedback from this year’s conference is now available on the AECB

AECB Conference 2011

website. The feedback has been edited, mostly removing specific names from comments and correcting a mountain of spelling mistakes!  We know you are busy! As always happens many of the points will contradict each other but we will be looking at all of them when planning next year’s event.

A couple of points do crop up each year and below are our thoughts:-


As always with any event the feedback on the food varies a lot but we hope to have answered a couple of specific points.

  • Apologies but we should have had coffee when people arrived and we are not sure why that didn’t happen – some kind of misunderstanding between us and the University’s catering unit.  We had also not asked for caffeine free coffee.
  • We specify vegetarian food because if we had a meat option we would feel we would have to state how the meat was reared, etc.  In a commercial venue this would be difficult (but not impossible).  It was considered that for two buffets and one meal it would be easier to stick with the vegetarian option.  As the evening meal is the same for everyone we really have to go with a vegetarian option.
  • The evening meal was rushed and we knew this would be a problem when we booked it because the other conference had booked the venue from 8.00pm.  We could have had another buffet but that didn’t seem appropriate.


  • There are a range of comments on the workshops but one that does come up every year is repeating workshops.  It is considered that as we don’t pay the workshop presenters and they also want to participate in the Conference as well asking them to run a workshop twice is a lot to ask.
  • We are looking at getting some of the workshops recorded next year.

If you would like to make any further comments about the 2011 Conference please either contact our Business Operations Manager, Gill Rivers on gill@aecb.net or leave your feedback on the discussion Forum which has been set up on the AECB website.

CPD Certificates

CPD Certificates relating to the Conference workshops are to be issued to those who have requested them.  If anyone else who attended the Conference requires a certificate please contact Neill Lewis on neill.lewis@aecb.net.


AECB Conference 2011

Conference Photographs

About 30 photographs from the 2011 Conference have been posted on the AECB Facebook page.