A Big Welcome to our Newest Members

Find out More About Some of our New AECB Members!


Vaventis, Netherlands

fresh-r Vroomshoop 1Jerom from Vaventis says: “Homes are finally becoming thermally efficient. The improved insulation in renovated and new homes keeps warmth in to save energy, but also keeps fresh air out. The indoor atmosphere becomes stale because CO2 levels rise and moulds appear, which is undesirable and unhealthy.  Fresh-r® gets the stale air out and lets fresh air in but keeps the chill out. It permanently takes care of an indoor atmosphere that makes people feel good. The fresh-r® has been awarded by Passive House as best performing decentral ventilation system with heat recovery.

We at Vaventis are joining the AECB because of the urge to build truly sustainable and to help reduce the global CO2 emissions.”

Bauwer Group Limited, Liverpool

Bauwer_logo_436x246Alexander from Bauwer Group Limited says: “Bauwer Group offers a cost efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly insulated plaster and render. Thanks to the volcanic glass called Perlite and Vermiculite, currently it is the most cost effective solution to insulate, level and dehumidify the walls while improving comfort and sound absorption properties of a building. Bauwer Insulation is significantly more breathable than conventional plasters, and hence it is able to withstand fluctuations in internal and external humidity which helps preventing any damp or mould issues.

We are looking forward to the AECB networking and partnership opportunities with architects in order to deliver low cost and Eco-friendly sustainable solutions for the new builds insulation as well as for the ageing housing stock improvement.”

Waterhead Projects, Devon
Margaret Steele,  Independent Damp and Timber Surveyor, Buckinghamshire
Liam Russell Architects, East Sussex
Robert McGuinness, Cornwall
108 Builders Limited, Manchester
Leading Energy, Worcestershire
Touchwood Build, London
Ecotype, East Sussex
Funston Architecture and Planning, Tyrone
Kim Sparks, London
John Salter, Cornwall
Peter Rajan, Nottinhamshire
Dai Rees, Herefordshire
Dan Brooke, Somerset
Andrew Kirby, Devon
Kirstin Aitken, Norfolk
Valeria Branciforti, Hertfordshire
Richard Jackson, London