A webinar on Scotlands new Green deal #BuildBackBetter: Common Weal’s Green New Deal #JustRecovery:

Hear Robin McAlpine, Common Weal Director, outline how their “Our Common Home” Green New Deal plan for Scotland supports the #JustRecovery from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Tune in online 6.00pm – 7.45pm Thursday 7 May for a holistic approach to a recovery plan for Scotland that provides socially useful work, addresses the Climate and Ecological Emergency AND promotes Scots’ Well-being!

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The main author of “Our Common Home” will start the session – then we’ll share ideas in Breakout Rooms … to see what’s needed! All welcomed!

Link will be sent to all who register 2 days & 2 hours before the event.

Draft Agenda
6.00pm Zoom Room opens / familiarisation session
6.15pm Welcome and introductions
6.20pm Robin McAlpine shares the Common Weal vision
6.40pm Responses / Q&A
6.50pm Conversations: “How can this vision be implemented?”
7.20pm Return to Plenary: What Next?
7.40pm Wrap up / and Close at 7.45pm

A taster from the Common Weal Briefing:
“The Our Common Home project was started because the environmental debate in Scotland has focused on targets and these haven’t been followed up with anything like enough planning to explain how the targets will be met. So the £170 billion Common Home Plan is about moving on from debating targets so we can start discussing what we actually need to do.

Its second purpose is to raise awareness of the true scale and cost of the task ahead and to do it quickly. We all need to have a more realistic understanding of how much work and investment is involved.

Finally, the Common Home Plan is a blueprint for action and it would comprehensively address the environmental threats we face. People may want to propose different ways to do some of it – fine. But if targets are to mean anything at all then we need to get on with it – and this (or a competent alternative) is the work we need to get on with.”

A not-to-be-missed session to raise our ambition for a #JustRecovery and the #JustTransition needed for #NetZero well before 2045!

NB. The event will be recorded / only Robin’s presentation shared.

Hosted by Transition Edinburgh with SEDA – shared with RIC, New Economics, AECB, Climate Action and Common Weal and other networks.