AECB Vision, Strategy and Charter

Our vision

A world in which everyone in the building industry contributes positively to human and planetary health.

Our mission

To work with our members to inspire, develop and share sustainable building practice.

Our purpose

To deploy environmentally responsible building practices.

Our story

  • Set up in 1989 for pioneers working in the building industry, we are a long lived and resilient collective intelligence network. We have a dynamic constituency of over 1,000 members. Our boldest success has been to create the Passivhaus Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary, with over 250 members.
  • We work by deploying, dynamic and collaborative means, and harnessing practical pioneering examples, to inspire radically faster uptake of effective thinking, tools and methods to guide, support and develop sustainable building practice.
  • We bring together people from many disciplines and trades involved with research and development, the design plus manufacturing and construction sectors.
  • We are guided by clear thinking and robust evidence.
  • We pride ourselves on our financial and intellectual independence, our relevance and practicality, our ’can do’ attitude and forthright voice.
  • Since inception the AECB and its network have been identifying, investigating and clarifying key issues. We do this whilst promoting integrated and holistic thinking, learning from and sharing members expertise, setting and raising standards and stimulating innovation and experiment.

Our Envisaged Future

By 2030 we aim to have…

  • Extensive, vibrant networks of expert advisors, young professionals and collaborating organisations.
  • Significantly influenced and educated the next generation of people in the building industry
  • Transformed our level of knowledge across the network
  • Been part of an international movement for change that connects people with shared values in the building industry.

Our Values

  • Optimism – informed, brave, relentless.
  • Responsibility – creative, fair, moral, restorative.
  • Simplicity – radical, imaginative, science-based.

Our Strengths

  • Seeing the big picture, understanding the practicalities.
  • A network of open, honest, generous members, where a diversity of people meet, debate and learn.
  • Mainstreaming things that work, innovating in the gaps.

Our Strategic Goals

During the next five years, we will focus on achieving…

Greater Network Dynamism.

  • To involve more young people
  • To inform and encourage activism
  • To understand and learn from members

Greater Organisational Strength.

  • To strengthen relationships whilst expanding the size of our network
  • To create greater volunteer and staff capacity
  • To improve our systems and platforms

Greater Collaborative Reach.

  • To collaborate for better outcomes nationally  and internationally
  • To develop more effective ways to engage people
  • To enhance our collective intelligence

Our Call to Action

The AECB recognises that the acute environmental and social challenges that humankind has created, require us to face frightening and inconvenient truths. The building industry has great responsibilities, faces huge difficulties, yet also has many opportunities. It can make a positive, long-term contribution to society. Within the AECB, we need to maintain a relentless and informed optimism in the face of these challenges. We need to empower people in the industry to collaborate and undertake transformational action to make building practice radically more sustainable – locally, nationally and internationally.

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