Accelerating retrofit for a carbon neutral future

The AECB has been commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to provide quality assurance for their project ‘Accelerating retrofit for a carbon neutral future: Modelling the need and opportunities for housing retrofit in Greater Manchester. The AECB team will be providing independent, expert review to help identify and reduce any risks associated with the modelling methodology adopted by GMCA’s consultants (Parity Projects) with ongoing attention paid to understanding the impact of underlying key assumptions adopted as part of any modelling process. The team will participate in workshops during the project and help steer subsequent phases of work. This work leads on from earlier AECB work collaborating with Anthesis’ team who developed the SCATTER tool:

“SCATTER is a local authority focused emissions tool, built to help create low-carbon local authorities. SCATTER provides local authorities and city regions with the opportunity to standardise their greenhouse gas reporting and align to international frameworks, including the setting of targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Its use is free of charge to all local authorities in the UK. “

The AECB has developed its own modelling tool to look more closely at the buildings sector, to help inform its thinking on decarbonisation strategies and targets for improving new and existing building for different regions  across the UK over time. Although UK and regional carbon emissions budgets are geographical not consumption based (and thereby exclude imported goods, materials and services) the AECB tool can also model the embodied carbon of building materials deployed in both new buildings and retrofitted buildings over time.