Advanced Retrofit Training Course Continues to Win Member Approval

Students Share More Positive Experiences of the Online Retrofit Training Course

Two more current students nearing the end of our CarbonLite Online Retrofit Training Course tell us why they decided to enrol and the benefits they are now enjoying.  Jon, from Hertfordshire tells us that the course ‘exceeded his expectations’ and Richard, from West Yorkshire demonstrates how he was able to work full time whilst studying due to the convenience of the online training resources.

Jon Rollit
Jon, Property Manager from Hertfordshire

Jon is a self employed Property Manager, mainly looking after rental properties but occasionally overseeing building works following a house renovation and two self builds.  He is now in the design stage of a 1960’s house renovation that has changed into a Passivhaus retrofit, following a chance conversation and later instruction of a local architect who is also an AECB Carbonlite Retrofit course member and recently qualified Passivhaus Designer.  He recommended Jon join the course to allow him a better understanding of Passivhaus principles and the issues with retrofitting the property.  Jon says: “The course has exceeded my expectations covering many different types of construction through to the issues of moisture that can occur following a retrofit, which I have found especially interesting.  Even before completing the course, I have friends coming to me for advice on how to upgrade their properties.  The whole Passivhaus concept seems so obvious, I don’t know why anyone would not want to aim for these levels of energy use and comfort.  My family and I can’t wait to experience the benefits of this course.”

Richard, Passivhaus Designer from West Yorkshire

Richard from West Yorkshire has worked for many years as an Architectural Technologist and has recently set up his own business as a Passivhaus Designer.  Having successfully completed the AECB Certified Passivhaus Designer Course, Richard wanted to add to his knowledge to ensure he is suitably equipped for the projects he will be dealing with which will include refurbishments.  As it is not always possible to reach Passivhaus standard on these, Richard is keen to ensure he follows rigorous procedures to get the best possible outcome. The CarbonLite Retrofit Course seemed the natural progression and has proved extremely worthwhile.  Richard is already using material from the course and what he has learnt to guide his work and has found the module on ‘Moisture risk’ particularly enlightening.  Although an in depth module,the lessons learnt are invaluable.  He says:” I am now considering moisture at the very start of a project due to the potential consequences of making wrong decisions at the outset”

Despite working full-time Richard has been able to keep up with the course, planning his study around his work.  In fact, Richard feels that being able to complete the course on-line at his own convenience is a huge benefit and he would recommend this to others.  He says: “I was able to add the reading modules into my daily “task list” which meant the course became part of my working routine – yes of course at times I had to play a bit of catch up, as other pressures took priority, but due to the accessibility of the online material I managed the amount of information well and now feel much more knowledgeable of the topics involved in retrofit.”

Richard is very happy to recommend the course to others  saying: “The knowledge gained from this course and how it will assist me in my work is well worth the time and very reasonable cost at the outset”

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