AECB 2012 Annual Conference

The feedback from the conference at Goldsmiths has been very positive; the venue was very pleasant with a chance to sit out on the lawns when it wasn’t raining.

We will be sending out a feedback survey to delegates and speakers very soon and the results will be put here. We are looking at getting as many of the presentations as possible on the web site but this may take a while. As usual the most constant comment was that people wanted to go to more than one workshop at the same time so at least those of you who missed something interesting will be able to get a feel for the workshop from the presentations.







Tahir (who gave an excellent, passionate and lively presentation) has started a thread on the forum about the conference so if you have any comments feel free to add your two pennyworth go to,3670.msg12590/boardseen.html#new

I would like to take this chance to thank all the presenters who helped us to put on such a high calibre event.    Any ideas of venues for next year – please forward them onto   See you there.

Geoff Stow, AECB Trustee