AECB News : AECB AGM November 22, Oxford.


The AECB’s AGM is being held on 22 November at 13:15 -14:00 The King’s Centre, Oxford. There will also be the opportunity to participate online.  All AECB members will be sent a webinar link nearer the time if they wish to join in. The AGM will take place in connection with EcoConnect Southeast, which members can register for without cost. AECB members are invited to attend. The  Annual Report and accounts for the period can be found in our Library here.


Annual General Meeting of the Association for Environment Conscious Building (Ltd) (AECB)

1. Apologies

2. To receive the minutes of the AGM held on 16th July 2016. Please note that these are available to view here.

3. To receive the accounts for the financial year ending 31 December 2016. Please note that these are available to view here.

4. To receive the Trustees’ annual report of the AECB’s activities to year ending 31st December 2016. Please note that this is available to view here.

Min 839 The AECB Board unanimously agreed to propose a reduction in AECB Trustee members to a maximum of 10 (currently 12), to be achieved by rotation and natural sequence. This is to be tabled at the AGM in order to amend of the Articles of Association. Members are encouraged to ratify this proposal to take immediate effect.

6. In accordance with article 12.5 of the Articles of Association (reproduced below for information), the following will retire from their current positions as Trustees: Mischa Hewitt and Philip Newbold (Note: Paul Bourgeois retired as a Trustee on 14/1/17).

7. To elect/re-elect Trustees to reach the required limit, depending on the decision made regarding 5. above. No other names have been put forward. Mischa Hewitt has agreed to stand and Philip Newbold does not want to re-stand.

8. To appoint Keith Bridgford and Co as auditors.

9. In accordance with paragraph 5.2.1, clauses 4.16, 5.1 and 5.3 of the AECB’s articles relating to the maximum to be agreed annually by the AGM, that the limit of earnings that any trustee can claim for work carried out on behalf of the AECB should remain at £5,000 in any financial year.

10. To discuss and determine any issues of policy or deal with any other business.

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