AECB and Transition – learning from each other

Quite a number of AECB members are involved with their local Eco-open-homes events – an excellent way to get the message out to interested members of the public – and sometimes meet potential customers too!

These events often have active involvement from the Transition movement, and as we saw at last year’s AECB annual conference (see report here), this is just one area where AECB and the Transition movement have common concerns and common aims.

Building on this, Local Groups Co-ordinator Debbie Mauger has met with Rob Hopkins, Co-founder of the Transition movement. They have agreed that AECB and Transition Local Groups have a lot to offer each other – in enthusiasm, expertise, a grasp of the wider context, but also local contacts and experience of event organising – on both sides. Where this has started to happen, both Transition and AECB numbers have already swelled.

It has been suggested that Transition members interested in the built environment would gain a great deal from attending AECB local group meetings, and an invitation is extended them to attend. To make Transition members aware of the AECB and what it offers, Rob Hopkins invited AECB to write a guest post on his blog, ‘Transition Culture’, (where you can also find out a lot more about the Transition movement)  – and share it with your Transition contacts too!