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Find out about changes to the course from 1st January 2018.

Congratulations to those who have recently completed the CarbonLite Retrofit online course – Sara Darwin, Adam Harper, Martin McCurdy, Deborah Wartenberg, David Fields, Sarah Price, Alistair Cruickshank, Richard Shears! Hopefully we will be able to see you in the AECB members area where your new CLR graduate status can be highlighted.

We are interested in what works and what needs improving, so if you have done the course or are doing it now, please send in your feedback!

What’s evolving in 2018?

The course now runs over 12 months

Most people (working full time) need more than 6 months to complete the course. Everyone has the option to extend access annually – to continue the course if needed, or just to keep access to the latest version.

The homework tasks are changing

For those joining the course in 2018, the new look homework tasks will focus on a selection of cutting edge projects that the tutors have worked on themselves.

This means that all students will study the same projects when completing the homework tasks. They can follow this up with an in depth discussion with the expert tutor during the associated web tutorial. And why not bring a related question about a project of your own to the discussion?

The course is now even more flexible

Students who join the course on or after 1st January 2018 can “jump onto the course” on any date they like and access each module from day 1. All the reading and homework tasks are checked by automated quizzes so each student can work through these at their own pace.

Only the web tutorials have set dates. Currently there are 5 web tutorial in the diary for 2018 (for Module 3, Module 4, Module 5-6, Module 7 and Module 8). Repeat tutorials could be added on later dates if there is a demand for them.

As the web tutorials are optional, students can achieve CLR certification before (or without) attending web tutorials, if they wish. However, many will want to follow the pace of the course so that it ties in neatly with the tutorials.

Also, now that each web tutorial is paid for individually, if you miss the Module 3 tutorial in March, you can just book onto the repeat when it runs next.

More flexible payment options

Anyone who joins the CLR course before 1st January 2018…

  • Pays the original fee of £410 + VAT for the course plus the 5 CLR webinars in 2018.

For anyone joining on or after 1st January 2018…

  • Joining the course now costs £410 + VAT
  • Joining each web tutorial currently costs £25 + VAT, but you don’t pay until you are ready to do the relevant webinar, and are sure that you can make the date.

For anyone who wants to extend access…

      • There is a standard annual fee of £50 + VAT to gain access for another year
      • And you can attend any web tutorial (currently £25 + VAT) whenever you like.

Web tutorials are open to non CLR members

We are opening up the web tutorials to all AECB members at the same rate of £25 + VAT.

This means that everyone in the AECB can benefit from these expert tutorials on a set theme. The “CLR homework task” will be available to everyone who wants to join the webinar, for background information and so that everyone can join the discussion.

If demand for the tutorials is high enough, we can run more of them and make the course more flexible for CLR students as well as providing extra CPD to the wider AECB community.

Web tutorial dates for 2018

Module 3 – The UK Housing Stock – 5th March – Bill Butcher

Module 4 – Energy in Buildings – 30th April Eric Parks

Module 5 & 6 – Moisture in Buildings & Case Studies -16th July – Andy Simmonds & Tim Martel

Module 7 – Building Services for Retrofit – 24th September – Alan Clarke

Module 8 – Retrofit Investment Appraisals and CLR cost Modelling – 5th NovemberTim Martel

Bookings for web tutorials will open in the new year but if you have any questions please contact us here.


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