AECB Home Energy Check

The AECB Home Energy Check helps you to see how your existing home energy use compares against retrofitted energy efficient properties entered in the AECB Low Energy Buildings database. Energy used to heat and power these properties after they have been retrofitted is based on measured data, so these are real results after the fitting of energy efficiency measures including: wall, roof and floor insulation, improved windows, draught-proofing, ventilation systems, more efficient heating systems, lights, appliances and household electrical equipment.

You will only need basic information about the size of your home and the amount of fuel(s) your home uses over a twelve-month period.  You will be able to see how much energy the different buildings consumed before they were retrofitted (some of these pre-retrofit figures are modelled, some measured).

We hope that the Home Energy Check and the information available on retrofitted buildings held on this searchable database provides you with the confidence to develop your own plans for making energy-saving improvements to your home – in order to reduce climate changing greenhouse gas emissions, increase your comfort levels and reduce your fuel bills.

For further information visit the AECB Low Energy Buildings Database