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Are you in the Kent area?  Why not get involved?

Who are we and what do we do?  Paul established the Kent Group in around 2010, and created the first Pedalhaus tour as a way of getting a disparate group of people together to enjoy a cycle and see interesting buildings.

The Kent group covers a wide geographic area from Margate in the east to Sevenoaks in the West, which makes regular meetings difficult, so we try to spread events around the county. Local members include eco-builders, oakwrights, building control officers, architects, engineers, surveyors and home owners. As well as the Pedalhaus tours we like to visit new interesting buildings, both complete and under construction. We have sporadic ‘green drinks’ at a pub in Canterbury, and have run a number of very successful training sessions on ventilation, airtightness practicals, lime rendering, and passivhaus.

Ideas and suggestions for the group are very welcome. Contact Paul here.


group leaderMeet the group leader: Hi, I’m Paul, a chartered building surveyor and I’ve been interested in energy efficiency since the late 1980’s when dealing with condensation issues in local authority housing in London. I then discovered that many of the insulation products I had been specifying were themselves harmful to the environment and this started my interest in wider ‘green building’ issues.  In order to promote truly sustainable building design, my wife Angela (also a chartered building surveyor) and I, set up Conker Conservation 1999, a family business now based in Canterbury. Conker has since designed buildings out of straw, rammed earth, rammed chalk, hempcrete, and used almost every type of sustainable insulation material, they also tackle historic building conservation and traditional surveying work including school maintenance and building surveys”

To chat with members of the group go to the new forum area here. If you are an AECB member, you will need to log in to participate in forum discussions so if you need a reminder of log in details please email here. If you are not an AECB member and would like to post on the forum, please email here.

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