AECB Launches its Daylight Standard

Creating a well-lit building is vital for the well-being of people using a building as well as for reducing energy demand and carbon emissions. Whilst recognising that the amount of daylight available within a building is constrained by the amount of useful daylight outside, the aim of the AECB Daylight Standard is to provide adequate daylight between 9am and 5pm for 70% of the year and acceptable daylight 80% of the year between 10am and 2pm.

To satisfy these criteria the AECB Daylight Standard requires you to assess the quality of daylight within each habitable room. The AECB Daylight Assessment is used to verify that a design meets this standard.

This standard is part of a suite of additional AECB standards that complement the main AECB Building Standard, these are:

AECB Building Standard
AECB Lifetime Carbon Standard
AECB Daylighting Standard
AECB Water Efficiency Standard