The AECB launches new vision

The AECB has launched a new vision for the future of the organisation, encompassing values, mission and purpose, and including a bold five-year strategy to 2022.

Read a summary here, and look out for an in-depth article, coming soon, on the background and context for the new vision.

This year’s convention will offer the opportunity for members to discuss and give us feedback on this new departure for the AECB in a workshop session on day one, to inform its further development. Join us to help shape the future of the AECB!

Our Call to Action

The AECB recognises that the acute environmental and social challenges that humankind has created, require us to face frightening and inconvenient truths. The building industry has great responsibilities, faces huge difficulties, yet also has many opportunities. It can make a positive, long-term contribution to society. Within the AECB, we need to maintain a relentless and informed optimism in the face of these challenges. We need to empower people in the industry to collaborate and undertake transformational action to make building practice radically more sustainable – locally, nationally and internationally.