APU webinar on how to specify window reveal beads for external wall insulation (EWI)

Thursday 11 March – 3pm

External wall insulation (EWI) is likely to be one of the corner stones of the retrofit drive to reach zero carbon but requires careful detailing. One of the most critical elements is the reveal bead which seals the EWI to the window frame but many systems seem to rely on basic components potentially increasing the risk of failure. APU (often used as a generic name for reveal beads) are market leaders and will be discussing how to specify this critical item during a free webinar, open to all.

Please register your interest with Peter.Joerimann@apu.ch & jim@jimmillerdesign.co.uk

Let them know if you’d like to receive samples in the post (which will greatly assist understanding during the webinar). Also please watch the below video for an introduction