Homes of the Future Coming onto the UK Housing Market Now

Passive House New Builds- Raising Awareness

With an ever increasing number of Passive House new builds and a small number of EnerPHit / close to EnerPHit refurbs coming onto the UK housing market now, it seems like a good time for a bit more awareness raising in the mainstream media.

Tina Holt is looking to sell a near-Enerphit home in Nottingham and Peter Land is trying to reach Passivhaus with his house in London, and we would like to find out if there are other AECB / PHT members doing the same now or in the near future.

We are aiming to get an article about the benefits of living in a recently completed PH / EnerPHit home into the Telegraph Property section, or the Guardian, or similar. The second half of the article would include details of PH/EnerPHit homes currently / soon to be for sale.

 Proposed title along the lines of….:

 “Homes of the future coming onto the UK housing market now”

So question 1 – Would you or a client of yours want to have their home included in the homes for sale list if we can get an article into the media?

Question 2 – Does anyone have a contact in the national press, ideally the property editor of the Telegraph or similar?

And question 3 – Do you have any material that you would like to contribute to the first, descriptive section? Our current idea is to focus on the comfort and health benefits (and building health) rather than the technical aspects.

If so, we’d be very pleased to hear from you – email (We’d like to have a list of all homes to include by 15th August at the latest.)

 Alternatively, please complete Tina’s short survey which can be found on Survey Monkey through the link below:

Selling EnerPHit refurb and Passive House new build Survey

 Thank you in advance to all who respond.