BBC Panorama: Speak out Against Cold Homes

The BBC’s Panorama programme is making a film on fuel poverty, which is due to be broadcast at the start of next year and are looking to find people who are affected.

They’re looking at the day to day reality for poorly insulated households struggling to meet their energy costs and keep their home warm over the winter. In the year when fuel poverty was supposed to be eradicated, we aim to reveal the impact it still has on millions of people’s lives across the UK.

They’re interested in speaking to people who live in poorly insulated homes and find it difficult to keep up with their heating costs. They may be in debt to their energy company, having to ration their heating (for example heating just one room), are forced to choose between paying for essentials, or finding it difficult to afford to top up their gas or electricity metre. They hope to speak to a range of people across the UK, with a view to identify three families or households who are happy to film across the winter months as part of the programme.

If you think the Government needs to do more to help people in cold homes – get in touch with Hannah from Panorama below.