Beattie Passive Webinars

Working from home and interested in finding out more about building Passivhaus?

If you find yourself working at home why not break up the day and join in, ask questions, and learn a little bit more about Beattie Passive and the superior standard of Passivhaus?

We are excited to announce a brand-new series of interactive webinars led by Ron Beattie, Beattie Passive Managing Director. Beginning on Wednesday 8th April, our weekly online webinars will give you an insight into Beattie Passive, the company, our products and the Passivhaus standard.

Our planned schedule for this series is as follows:

08/04/2020 – Building with Beattie Passive

Are you looking for high quality, high performance homes? This session provides an overview of Beattie Passive and building to Passivhaus standard.

15/04/2020 – Beattie Passive Flying Factory

Would you like to upskill your own team to build Passivhaus? Find out more about how to set up your own Flying Factory.

22/04/2020 – Beattie Passive TCosy Retrofit

Are you looking to retrofit existing housing stock without relocating your residents? Find out more about our Retrofit solution to lift the quality and performance of your existing housing stock to Passivhaus.

29/04/2020 – Haus4one: Meeting Immediate Housing Need

Would you like to offer the same standard of housing to temporary residents? Our Haus4one, two and three and studio are relocatable high quality units designed and built ready to meet your immediate housing need.

CPD: We are happy to issue CPD certificates following attendance.

If you are interested in attending any of the above webinars, please click on the link below to book your place, and we will be in touch with further details.

Beattie Passive provides an award winning, innovative design and build technology that simplifies the delivery of Passivhaus. The Beattie Passive Build System is the first complete build system in the UK to be certified by the Passivhaus Institute, and the patented, flexible timber frame design guarantees the delivery of energy efficient Passivhaus homes to any desired size, style, shape or finish. Combined with robust, independent testing, clients have the peace of mind that every Beattie Passive home will be delivered as designed, to provide both superior build quality and performance as well a comfortable, warmer living environment.