I enjoy being part of a group of people who know what they are talking about and want to share their knowledge and enthuisiasm with me.
Rob Rickey, Certified Passive House Designer, Rob Rickey Design

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With our practical step-by-step guide for designing low energy, low C02 emissions domestic or non-domestic buildings you can create high performance buildings using widely available technology at little or no extra cost by building your projects to the AECB Silver Standard. Self certify and share your project on the Low Energy Building Database. Prioritise hot water savings too with access to our Water Standards.


Keep abreast of the latest in low energy building and more with a full subscription to Passive House Plus Magazine (published 6 times a year) including digital access providing you with exclusive image galleries of plans and construction details.

Gain the confidence to tackle UK Passivhaus projects as we guide you through becoming a certified Passivhaus Designer or Consultant with our CarbonLite Training Programme. Be confident to retrofit buildings to a high standard by participating in our online CarbonLite Retrofit Training Course.

Enjoy a free listing in our highly searched Members Directory and use our logo on your marketing materials to show your commitment to green building. Let others know about your company by introducing yourselves in our Newsletter, sharing your 'Member News' and perhaps by sharing your views with a 'Soapbox' article!


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