Call for Innovative Manufacturers and Installers for the Retrofit of Solid Walled Homes Retrofit of the Future

S-IMPLER  (Solid Wall Innovative Insulation and Monitoring Processes using Lean Energy Efficient Retrofit) aims to develop a solution to the insulation of solid walls in the UK that is more cost effective than current solutions with minimal occupant disruption.

Working with NIHE (Northern Ireland Housing Executive), S-IMPLER will focus on a specific type of solid wall, ‘no fines’ homes of which there are approximately 5,000 in NI (300,000 in UK). The outcomes of S-IMPLER will also be relevant to many of the UK’s 6.9m solid walled homes. Using lean and collaborative improvement techniques, S-IMPLER will integrate several innovations into a single attractive commercial proposition which will be trialled on 7 NIHE homes.

S-IMPLER’s success hinges on a supply chain that can collaborate to find energy efficient solutions that result in significant energy reduction but also allow for installation more efficiently than existing processes.  In the coming months the project will seek to find innovative products, systems and installation techniques to provide solutions for 7 homes

If your product meets any of the following or could be combined with another product to meet the following, we would like to hear from you:

  • Reduce heat loss from an existing building’s fabric
  • Reduce uncontrolled air leakage from an existing building
  • Increase efficiency of space heating generation and hot water generation or storage
  • Improve passive solar gain into existing buildings
  • Improve the accuracy of controlling space heating, ventilation and/or heating in buildings
  • Increase efficiency of artificial lighting
  • Includes features that will allow future performance upgrades to be installed with minimal disruption or damage to earlier improvements

This is an exciting initiative that brings together the best innovative products, systems and installation technique and we invite you to get involved.  Successful suppliers will be an invited to an assessment day on 12th March 2014 at Antrim to discuss their products.  For more information and to complete the PQQ visit

The deadline for completion of the PQQ is Monday 17th February 2014.