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Certify your building to Passivhaus or the AECB Building Standard (previously called Silver standard)

Passivhaus certification

passivehouse designerEvery building project undertaken in line with the goals of AECB CarbonLite has the potential to provide useful data for future learning. Individual projects are therefore never judged in simple terms of success or failure. However, where practitioners or clients require official certification for use as a quality assurance mark there are a number of approved Passivhaus UK certifiers who can carry out official certification of buildings.

For lists of UK mainland based accredited Passivhaus Certifiers please visit the UK  Passivhaus Trust website
A list of accredited Passivhaus designers and consultants can be seen at

Although in need of updating this document is still useful describing the principles of PH certification of buildings and products:Download our Passivhaus FAQ sheet here.

The AECB Building Standard (previously called Silver standard)

AECB Building Standard CertificationThe AECB Building Standard is aimed at those wishing to create high-performance buildings using widely available technology at little or no extra cost. We estimate that this low-risk option will reduce overall CO2 emissions by 70% compared to the UK average for buildings of each type – a highly significant result given the relative ease and low cost with which this standard can be met. Individual self-builders and large-scale residential and non-residential developers could make a valuable contribution to low-carbon building by meeting the AECB Building Standard.  To see examples of projects built to this standard go to the Low Energy Buildings Database.

Read more details about the AECB Building Standard certification process and criteria.

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