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GB-Sol designing and manufacturing solar panels

Established in 1999, GB-Sol grew out of 30 years’ experience of Energy, Environmental and Testing Services (established in 1980 in association with Cardiff University) and is now a privately owned independent UK company operating out of its Treforest Industrial Estate factory near Cardiff. GB Sol specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke engineering and architectural Solar PV panels and mounting systems including the award winning R.I.S (Roof Integrated System) and the innovative PV Slate. All of our panels are manufactured in our UK ISO9001 certified factory ensuring that they are of the highest standard in order to guarantee you get » Read More

Greenlite Energy Assessors

Greenlite Energy Assessors provide computational dynamic thermal modelling services to aid our clients’ understanding of the thermal behaviour and energy efficiency performance of their design proposals. A large proportion of the work we do focuses on ensuring that buildings do not overheat – an issue which energy efficient buildings can be prone to. To do this, we build highly detailed computational models of proposed buildings and test these models against suitable thermal comfort performance metrics. This helps manage the risk of thermal comfort issues, but can also be helpful with a range of other issues, such as energy demand calculations, » Read More

Partel – sustainability through technology

Partel design and supply a number of innovative high-performance products to the Low Energy Building sector in the UK, Ireland and US. Our product range includes market leading Vapour Control Layers, Monolithic exterior breather membranes, Airtight tapes along with products to help prevent thermal bridging. In addition to the above Partel are the sole UK & Irish distributor for LUNOS Decentralized ventilation systems. LUNOS are the worldwide market leader in providing efficient, quiet, low energy residential and commercial ventilation systems. The decentralized concept means that installation is extremely straightforward and best of all there is no complicated ducting to run » Read More

Opening the Flying Factory at Scottow Enterprise Park, Norfolk

Beattie Passive launches new Volumetric Modular Flying Factory

Beattie Passive has launched their new innovation, Volumetric Modular Flying Factory. This cost effective factory set-up has been developed to deliver high quality Passivhaus homes across the UK. This includes their latest innovation: Pop-up Relocatable Homes designed to meet the need for affordable, high quality housing for the growing homelessness crisis. Passivhaus Volumetric Flying Factories across the country Beattie Passive’s Flying Factories enable Housing Associations and Developers to deliver their own Passivhaus standard housing with off-site manufacture and rapid on-site assembly. Beattie Passive provides all of the know-how, experience and support to help Housing Associations and Developers to set up and » Read More

Ben’s self build vlogs

We follow AECB member Ben Adam Smith throughout his self build with his series of ongoing vlogs.  You can watch the vlogs below and subscribe to be notified of future ones but first find out how Ben came to start his self build: “I started researching my self-build in 2012 and quite early on in the process I got a tip-off about the AECB. I remember attending my first conference at Goldsmiths and being impressed by the depth of knowledge and the calibre of people. Finding land was the major hurdle of my project. It took the best part of » Read More

Yosima clay plasters from Mike Wye & Associates

Mike Wye & Associates are one of the foremost UK suppliers of sustainable, natural and traditional building materials. Our extensive product range includes traditional lime mortars and plasters, natural hydraulic lime decorative polished plasters, sustainable insulation materials (such as recycled foam glass aggregate, cork, wood fibre and sheep wool) and natural paints and decorating products. We are passionate about sustainable and environmentally conscious construction and specialise in supplying traditional and natural building & decorating products for all types of buildings. We have a knowledgeable and friendly technical sales team that are on hand to advise on the best products and » Read More

Classic Landscapes companions with Honest Coffins

John from Classic Landscapes studied Ecology at college and as soon as he heard of the AECB he was keen to join, continuing his membership when he started Classic Landscapes in 1993.  More recently as age takes its toll,  the idea of doing something involving less mud appealed and the opportunity came about to take over Honest Coffins Limited –  an ideal companion to a smaller Classic Landscapes. A huge number of coffins these days are imported from the far east, they are generally of a MDF with veneer construction and lined with plastic fabrics. At Honest Coffins we build » Read More

Aspect Windows committed to energy-saving products

Established in 1981 by husband and wife team Graham and Nina Cooling, Aspect Windows are a high-quality manufacturer and installer of windows, doors and glazing systems in the South West. Aspect Windows are firmly committed to energy-saving products, offering A-rated WER ‘Window Energy Rating’ windows in Aluminium, PVCu and very high performance composites. As well as specialising in Passivhaus systems. The Passivhaus standard is the single fastest growing energy performance standard in the world and one that we should all aspire to when choosing materials for building homes in the twenty-first century. The Passivhaus standard principle strengths are simple in » Read More

Bespoke furniture

Empatika started out in 2003 as a handyman service in Notting Hill.  Tristan, the founder would travel around on his bicycle fixing things made of wood.  It wasn’t long before he found himself making pieces of fitted furniture.  Today he employs carpenters to do the work whilst concentrating on designing and running the business. Empatika design and build bespoke furniture from wardrobes to bookcase for media units, home offices and commercial offices. All items are made to fit their space perfectly.  They offer Formaldehyde free MDF which does not off-gas and is therefore better for the indoor environment and furniture is painted » Read More

Toilet revolution

Founded in 2012, Toilet Revolution supply the largest range of waterless toilets and urinals in the UK. Our biggest challenge is increasing awareness of waterless toilet products so becoming members of the AECB was a big step forward for us. Customers find our site through the AECB and potential customers become aware of our niche technologies through AECB publications. We supply composting toilets for all applications. There are units that run on AC power, DC power or no power. In applications where there is AC power, it is often a choice between the Sun Mar Excel (left) and the Separett » Read More

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