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Double Jeopardy: Bats and Modern Roofing Membranes

Breathable roofing membranes (BRMs) have been the ‘go to’ product of choice in all re-roofing projects over the past decade; mainly due to their ease of use and potential to reduce condensation. My original research, however,  has shown that not only do non–woven roofing membranes pose a serious threat to bats as a result of entanglement but there are numerous other concerns regarding using these membranes in a bat roost, including membrane functionally and microclimatic changes. Since my original research, I have been working on ways to produce guidelines for the use of safe roofing materials in bat roosts, product testing, » Read More

SMET – flowing screed EPD available for free on IGBC’s newly formed platform, EPD Ireland

Smet Building Products Ltd, true to its promise of ‘Bringing European Innovation’, leads the way once more, in the UK and Irish Dry-Mortar industry, with the recent publication of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for their German-made Calcium Sulphate Flowing Screed materials made by CASEA GmbH. Produced by third-party verified EPD Publisher, IBU Germany, the LCA result comprises the manufacture of screed with calcium sulphate binding agents in Germany and can be used in particular for planning purposes prior to awarding contracts. The document is now available for free download on the IGBC’s newly formed platform EPD Ireland which allows manufacturers of construction products to provide 3rd party verified transparent information on the environmental » Read More

gO Measurement System for wireless, cloud-based measurements of U-value, temperature and humidity

greenTEG was founded in 2009 as a ETH Zurich spin-off. The company develops, manufactures, and markets thermal sensors and measurements systems. For applications in building physics, greenTEG offers a system for wireless, cloud-based measurements of U-value, R-value, temperature, and humidity. The gO Measurement System is applied in different scenarios such as status quo assessments before refurbishments, checks before project handovers, heat-bridge and mould detection, and applications in R&D and quality control. greenTEG is located in Zurich, Switzerland and sells its products directly and through authorized distribution partners. Visit our website where you can find many case studies and white papers, » Read More

Sustainable and thoughtful interior design solutions

AECB member Lisa Lewis aims to provide clients with sustainable, thoughtful interior design solutions which respond to each individual clients’ needs. Today we are bombarded with images of interior design trends and information on how our homes should look. But the most important aspect of interior design is creating an environment that works for those who inhabit it in the most sustainable, healthy and efficient way.  We strive to provide each and every client with a bespoke interior design solution they did not think they could achieve within their space or budget.  We work on full house refurbishment projects as » Read More

Westwind – handcrafted oak buildings

Westwind Oak Buildings was established over 20 years ago and specialises in the design and construction of bespoke green-oak framed buildings with an emphasis on sustainability and a commitment to help lower the carbon footprint of the buildings we create. We boast a diverse and extensive portfolio, ranging from complete oak framed houses with a highly insulated  envelope,  to extensions, swimming pool enclosures, out-buildings and commercial buildings. Our aim at Westwind is to sustain the integrity of our craft whilst embracing innovation, ensuring our clients get a quality building that delivers on both aesthetics and functionality. We are pleased to » Read More

Green building for bees

AECB members Green&Blue create a range of products designed as nesting sites for vital pollinators, solitary bees. The Cornish design company have innovated bee brick, a concrete nesting site for solitary bees which can be used within construction, in place of a standard house brick or block, creating additional nesting and resting places for bees in the framework of the house. They have been designed as a fit and forget component made from a standard building material, concrete, but created with nature very much in mind, and using waste aggregates from the China clay industry in the concrete mix. Solitary » Read More

Toilet revolution

Founded in 2012, Toilet Revolution supply the largest range of waterless toilets and urinals in the UK. Our biggest challenge is increasing awareness of waterless toilet products so becoming members of the AECB was a big step forward for us. Customers find our site through the AECB and potential customers become aware of our niche technologies through AECB publications. We supply composting toilets for all applications. There are units that run on AC power, DC power or no power. In applications where there is AC power, it is often a choice between the Sun Mar Excel (left) and the Separett » Read More

Bespoke furniture

Empatika started out in 2003 as a handyman service in Notting Hill.  Tristan, the founder would travel around on his bicycle fixing things made of wood.  It wasn’t long before he found himself making pieces of fitted furniture.  Today he employs carpenters to do the work whilst concentrating on designing and running the business. Empatika design and build bespoke furniture from wardrobes to bookcase for media units, home offices and commercial offices. All items are made to fit their space perfectly.  They offer Formaldehyde free MDF which does not off-gas and is therefore better for the indoor environment and furniture is painted » Read More

Roundfield collaborating with nature

As landscape architects, we have a profound understanding of the interface between human and natural systems. Whether in an urban, peri urban or rural environment, we explore opportunities for people to collaborate with nature in order to achieve a truly regenerative outcome for each project. Through insightful design and co-creation, we believe we can inspire and enable the transition to a healthy, resilient and more beautiful world. Work is nearing completion on three developments of new build timber frame council homes for Bristol City Council.  Working with the limited space available for soft landscape on these urban infill sites, Roundfield have made » Read More

Classic Landscapes companions with Honest Coffins

John from Classic Landscapes studied Ecology at college and as soon as he heard of the AECB he was keen to join, continuing his membership when he started Classic Landscapes in 1993.  More recently as age takes its toll,  the idea of doing something involving less mud appealed and the opportunity came about to take over Honest Coffins Limited –  an ideal companion to a smaller Classic Landscapes. A huge number of coffins these days are imported from the far east, they are generally of a MDF with veneer construction and lined with plastic fabrics. At Honest Coffins we build » Read More

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