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Bespoke furniture


Empatika started out in 2003 as a handyman service in Notting Hill.  Tristan, the founder would travel around on his bicycle fixing things made of wood.  It wasn’t long before he found himself making pieces of fitted furniture.  Today he employs carpenters to do the work whilst concentrating on designing and running the business.

Empatika design and build bespoke furniture from wardrobes to bookcase for media units, home offices and commercial offices. All items are made to fit their space perfectly.  They offer Formaldehyde free MDF which does not off-gas and is therefore better for the indoor environment and furniture is painted with paint made almost entirely with plants.

For every customer, Empatika plant a tree in the UK with the Woodland Trust and for those who spend over £5000, they ‘Buy an Acre’ of rainforest.  This gesture goes towards safeguarding a piece of land from destruction forever.

Empatika believe it is important to take care of our precious forests for future generations and by being a member of the AECB show their support for a greener world.  Membership helps to show the company commitment to caring for the environment and their customers too.



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