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Greenlite Energy Assessors


Greenlite Energy Assessors provide computational dynamic thermal modelling services to aid our clients’ understanding of the thermal behaviour and energy efficiency performance of their design proposals. A large proportion of the work we do focuses on ensuring that buildings do not overheat – an issue which energy efficient buildings can be prone to. To do this, we build highly detailed computational models of proposed buildings and test these models against suitable thermal comfort performance metrics. This helps manage the risk of thermal comfort issues, but can also be helpful with a range of other issues, such as energy demand calculations, HVAC systems sizing, daylight modelling and building regulations compliance.

These photos are of the Ingenuity Centre at the University of Nottingham, a project which I worked on in 2015.  You can read about my involvement here.


I have been aware of the AECB for a long time, having been involved in previous employment. I hope it will be able to provide a platform for developing my business and help share the knowledge that I have around the relatively niche topic of thermal simulation, to aid those aspiring to achieve environmentally conscious buildings. I also hope to benefit from further industry knowledge for my business needs and for my own domestic needs, being in the process of an eco-refurbishment project myself at present.

Richard Tibenham of Greenlite Energy Assessors (right)

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