AECB member Sofie Pelsmakers, a PhD student at UCL-Energy, has received a commendation in the RIBA President’s Awards for her book “The Environmental Design Pocketbook”.  Sofie’s book, published in March 2012, was nominated within the Outstanding Practice-located Research category. The book has been very well received by both practitioners and academics.

Focusing principally on housing design, it covers the Building Regulations, the Code for Sustainable Homes and the latest in zero-carbon thinking and deals with technological solutions to cope with both climate change mitigation and adaptation. Rules of thumb allow you to design and test your designs straightforwardly but without over-simplification.

Our own Keith Hall says:

“What a handy book. In the twenty years I have spent editing Green Building magazine I have seen a lot published on the subject of sustainable building but this book has some of the most engaging and ‘to-the-point’ diagrams and tables that I have come across. These really make this pocket-sized book a useful addition for anyone interested in this subject.”

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Congratulations to long time AECB member Fionn Stevenson who is now head of the University of Sheffield’s school of architecture.

Penney Poyzer who gave the opening presentation at this year’s AECB Conference has just been awarded the DECC Retrofit Pioneer Award for her Nottingham Eco Home project. The award was presented to Penney and Gil Schalom at the Retro Expo in Birmingham on Wednesday 31st October.