Cornwall and Devon Group Attend Airtightness and Thermal Imaging Demonstration

thermal image 1
Thermal Image of dormer section of a building whilst air tightness testing
thermal image2
Photo of thermal image above

The Cornwall group recently attended an extremely useful practical demonstration on thermal imaging and simultaneous air leakage testing of a building. The demonstration was run by AECB member Rachel Simpkins of South West Air Energy (SWAE).  It was a rare opportunity to be able to see these practical tools in combination on an actual new build test property. As well as seeing the actual leakage with a thermal camera, AECB members had the opportunity to ask practical questions about the building as well as discussing ways in minimising air leakage and applying good practice methods on site for many different construction methods.

The demonstration showed how informative and enlightening it can be when using thermal imaging equipment to identify both thermal bridges and air leakage in buildings. Members also had the opportunity to learn about other practical ways that the SWAE equipment can be used to detect other building defects such as water leakage, dampness, checking electrics and underfloor heating systems. Rachel donated her time to teach members about these test methods, along with ways in improving airtightness through good building practice methods. In return members gave donations to the humanitarian aid charity ‘Shelterbox’ nominated by SWAE.

This was a really useful event, which also managed to raise £59 for a great cause.’

Main photo: Thermal image of air leakage behind plasterboard and between blocks.