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Greengauge is a building & engineering consultancy specialising in sustainable, low energy design.

The Old Brewery, Bradford-on-Avon

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Careful M&E Design for Renovation of Listed Building

Bath is known for its beautiful Georgian buildings which are almost all listed. But updating a listed building is inevitably a challenge.

To add to the challenge, this seven storey house had barely been modernised. This meant that the design team had limited existing service penetrations to take advantage of: every duct, flue and pipe that would be needed to serve the planned 10 new bathrooms, three new central heating boilers, and a number of new ventilation systems, would have to be slotted in without impinging on the handsome stone exterior.

The solution that Greengauge devised was to create two new “chimneys” – not for letting out smoke, but for extracting stale air, and the vent stacks for the toilets. By enabling the services to exhaust at roof level, the outlets are completely out of sight.

Energy efficiency in the building was improved via careful restoration of the fabric – in particular the windows – to reduce leakiness and heat loss. 


Ambitious M&E design for RIBA Stirling Prize Winning Housing – UK’s largest Passivhaus Social housing scheme

WINNER:  RIBA Stirling Prize 2019

The Goldsmith Street development for Norwich City Council (NCC) is now multi-award winning, however the ground-breaking scheme.

This is the biggest 100% Passivhaus, 100% social rented housing scheme in the country.

The Passivhaus standard enables average energy savings of 70% on annual heating bills, which is leading many local authorities to explore its potential for new schemes.

Greengauge was appointed to lead the M&E design soon after the project was granted planning permission.

Our team designed the complete M&E package for the development, which included the hot and cold water systems, heating, ventilation and all the electrical systems, such as the power, data, lighting and fire detection.

For more on Passivhaus, take a look at our Introduction to Passivhaus factsheet; or How to Build Your Own Passivhaus


Building Physics - Insulating a Fire Damaged Hotel

In a magical setting on the shores of Loch Lomond, Cameron House Hotel and Spa is a luxurious, up-market resort. But tragically, the building suffered a devastating fire in December 2017. Since then, much of the structure has stood open to the elements.
Greengauge were brought in to consult on insulation and associated moisture risk.  In order to preserve the iconic appearance, as so often with historic buildings, the only available option is to insulate internally.
Internal insulation always needs to be installed with careful consideration of the moisture performance of the completed build-up.  Architects, Simpson & Brown, wanted to get a better understanding of how the wet stone and insulation would interact with each other, with the Scottish weather outside, and the warm conditions and occupant activities inside, so they asked us for technical input to back up their advice.

Toby Cambray
Director - Building Physics
Hannah Jones
Director - Mechanical and Electrical