Business Description

LRA ( Liam Russell Architects ) is a multi-disciplinary studio of 20 creative professionals including architects, technicians, technologists and designers. From offices in London and Brighton, its current workload includes two £65million projects at technical design stages, work on a £230million masterplan, several projects for assisted living of around £15million each, many smaller projects and LRA is an investor in smart technology and CLT. In 2019 the practice’s work was nominated for three international awards and it won Best International Project – the two remaining nominations are due to be awarded in 2020. LRA believes in its role to help create a better, sustainable future. LRA disrupts the assumptions of the present. LRA creates a better future through ingenuity and design with people and the environment at the heart of every decision. LRA creates wonderful buildings and spaces.

No 26

LRA (Liam Russell Architects), for HSBC Pension Trust/LaSalle IM/Arcus PCD/Native in alignment with Croydon’s Regeneration Team successfully completed the transformation of a former office site as part of the wider Ruskin Square regeneration. The new building retained an existing concrete frame to 16 storeys (for sustainability), whilst it is almost entirely new in every way for all of its 23 storeys; the ground floor is partly retail with the other 22 storeys as a BTR / PRS model. Of the 183 residential units all are either Part M4 2 or 3. The building is 35% more efficient than standard; using a CHP plant with the potential to connect to Croydon’s renewable energy network in the future. The building is also a ‘Golden Thread’ exemplar being executed using a BIM L2/3 procedure. It is now an internationally award-winning building.