Business Description

The McFarlane Partnership is a design led architectural practice, we aim to incorporate our knowledge of ecological design and green construction into all our projects. We work to ensure the design follows the way the building functions within their surroundings and context.

Many of our projects are part of a collaborative process with the client and the users of the buildings to produce bespoke responsive designs.

22A Lordship Park

Greater London
N16 5UD
United Kingdom
Stone Sea and Love Shack

Stone Sea and Love Shack are two semi-detached houses located on the coastal site.

The design aims to reduce overall CO2 emissions by 70% compared to the UK average for houses of this type. The proposed scheme is aiming for energy use for space heating and hot water of 25 kWh /sq m/year compared to current Building Regulations which is 80 kWh /sq m/year.

Aubrey Road

A small cottage was extended, a timber framed kitchen extension was built at the rear and a timber framed side infill added. The new extensions were clad in sweet chestnut, all the windows were renewed to a high standard of insulation and a brown roof created on the top of the west facing kitchen extension.

Lancaster Grove

The house was converted back to a family house from 3 flats adding a new extension and a room in the attic. The thermal performance of the old building fabric was upgraded. The rainscreen cladding to the timber framed extension is sweet chestnut from locally sourced sustainable woodland. The extension has a sedum roof

Barbara McFarlane
Architect / Director
Clive Pavely
Designer / Director