Air Source Heat Pumps – Friend or Foe?

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Heat pumps have for a long time been presented as a'green' and 'cost effective' heating technology, but there seem to be at least as many sceptics as proponents. Tales of poorly performing systems are not uncommon, but equally, there are plenty of satisfied customers.

There is no shortage of gadgets that dont actually do what the salesmen claim, and its clear that heat pumps are often over-hyped. Do over-optimistic claims fuel the sceptics‟ mistrust? What do heat pumps deliver in reality?

In this article we look at heat pump technology and air source heat pumps in particular, since these seem to be gaining in popularity. We look at possible reasons why the reality seems to have fallen short of the claims, reveal some common pitfalls and advise how to avoid (or remedy) them, and offer some pointers to assessing when a heat pump might be good option – and when something else might be the better option.

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