ech2o Win SWIG award for ‘Be Water Aware!’ in Hackney Schools

Cath at SWIG Awards with Dusty Gedge| of living and John Griggs| of CIHPE.| Photo by Daniella Sinagoga.

ech2o won first prize in the ‘Behaviour Change’ category at the recent inaugural SWIG awards held in the fabulous surroundings of the top floor of City Hall with stunning views over the River Thames.

Be Water Aware! is a workshop/series of workshops they run with school pupils and Housing Association tenants across the UK, focusing on participants understanding exactly where they use most water and how simple behavioural change solutions, combined with low tech water efficiency devices can result in large amounts of water saved.

This particular project was in conjunction with Hackney City Farm as part of their 60 steps to 60% initiative. We worked directly with 2,403 pupils and 120 teachers across 10 schools. We estimated that the cumulative saving from pupils and teachers reducing their hot water use at home was 16,751m3 of hot water and 174.5 tonnes of CO2. You can download an overview of the project or the detailed report.

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