Feedback on AECB 2013 Annual Conference held at the University of Bradford

This years Annual Conference was held at the University of Bradford and feedback for this can be downloaded at the bottom of this page – thanks to all of those of you who took the time to fill in the survey.

Copies of most of the presentations are now on the  web site here together with photographs and speaker biographies.

Thanks to all of you who came and made the whole event so interesting and enjoyable.

Below is a very brief summary of the feedback.

1. Please rate the booking process

Excellent          Very Good       Good      OK       Bad

48.6%                  37.1%              8.6%     5.7%    0%

 2. How would you rate the information you were sent prior to the event? What more information would have been useful.

Excellent          Very Good      Good      OK         Bad

38.9%                   38.9%           16.7%       2.8%        2.8%

 3. Please rate the range of workshops and add any comments on workshops you attended and how they could have been improved.

Excellent          Very Good      Good        OK       Bad

33.3%                 50.0%             13.9%      2.8%   0%

 4. Is 90 mins about right for the workshops?

Yes     97.2%              No        2.8%

 6. Would you be interested in themed days so you could attend only 1 day to save money and time?

Yes     55.9%              No        44.1%

 7. Please rate your experience of the event as a whole.

Excellent          Very Good      Good        OK       Bad

52.8%                 36.1%              11.1%      0%       0%

 8. Would you be happy for the event to be opened out to a limited number of non AECB members?

Yes     91.7%              No        8.3%