Feedback Required on Future AECB Practical Workshops

Over the years,  a recurring comment in the conference feedback is the desire for practical workshops. While we have managed this in a very limited way,  it has never been completely possible due to the conference venues used.

At the last AECB Committee meeting it was agreed that we should investigate the possibility of running a series of specifically practical events.

As part of the planning, we would be grateful for feedback on;

1) The subjects members would like to see covered.

2) Possible venues. We think the ideal venue would be something like a sympathetic college that has a building section as they would have a suitable space and there would be less Health and Safety issues.

3) Possible tutors.  We visualise that the courses would be a mix of theory and practical so the tutors could be experienced builders, manufacturers or suppliers.

At this stage we are open to ideas so if you have any thoughts please email me.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Geoff Stow