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      Adam Harper

      A few weeks ago I was discussing the airtightness of a very large warehouse type building I'm working on with my Project Manager (of some 30 years industry experience).

      His view (which in my view is incorrect), is that a double skin dense block work wall which is painted on the inside will provide a good level of airtightness. There is no internal plaster or dry lining, the blocks are simply spray painted.

      Is he talking rubbish or is there some truth to this?

      Can anyone point me to any guidance or research on the airtightness of painted block work?

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      Mark Siddall


      Two questions:
      1) What do you want to achieve?
      2) How does he define “good”?

      I hope the answer to 1 would agree with AECB Silver/Passivhaus standards. …If that's the case then the Project Manager's “good” solution is pretty much doomed to failure.

      However, if you are aiming for something that satisfies the Building Regulations then you may have a chance (it all depends upon what the 'paint' is).

      …What I can say is, without a great deal of research and investigation (including reviewing test results) I would not use or advise the use of this technique on any of my projects.

      Hope this helps,

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