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    Mark Wakelin

    I’m trying to calculate how much heating i’ll need to allow on a low energy residential project i’m working on and are really struggling on knowing how best to pull the data together. I’ve tried PHPP but it has been so long since i last used it i’m fumbling around and going nowhere fast!

    Any tips on the best approach? I’m keen to try and do it myself but need some guidance and words of wisdom. I dusting down my PH designer notes but thought i’d ask the forum too and see if they had any advice.

    Dan Gravell

    How’s it going?

    Which part of PHPP were you fumbling about with?

    David Olivier

    On a one-off house, surely just meet the stipulated U-values and air leakage? It may not be worthwhile paying to have it certified to a particular standard but it’s worth modelling it to check predicted heat consumption.

    Is that the sort of comment you wanted?

    IMO you need radiators for both standards, PH and AECB Silver because a decent one off house will have plenty of glazing to give good daylighting – if not passive solar – and this slightly increases peak heat loss. So not sure what the difficulty is but clearly there is some.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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