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    Require some advice for a refurbishment dwelling we're working on.

    very exposed location (high driving rain index)
    50mm cavity wall with no insulation
    stone facing or weather boarding external finish
    current proposals involve drylining (80mm Phenolic [no space for mineral wool etc])

    Is it possible to get some extra insulation in the cavity?
    I assume warmcel and the likes would not be possible as the water would just track across the cavity. What about a loose insulation like pummice/pertlite or some other sort of volcanic rock? I assume this would still let any water that penertrates fall down the cavity?

    I await your knowledgable responses oh learned ones




    More of a learner than a learned one

    What about something underneath the weatherboard or between the fixing
    Is the phenolic like EPS (jablite) , if so thats got to be reasonable waterproof

    Or external insulation with a render finish


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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