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    James Allen

    Let us have your thoughts on this article here -https://www.aecb.net/decline-and-fall-by-aecb-guest-author-andrew-warren/


    Personally, I think it's great news that the cost of PV is so low now that they are viable without subsidies (AKA FIT). In my own new-build projects, I will be fitting PVs using my own people without needing to contract out to MCS-registered companies and without the beaurocratic nightmare of becoming MCS registered ourselves. So for small housebuilders like us and self-builders who are qualifies to fit their own panels it is good news.

    I think we should stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get on with promoting and fitting PV system without the nightmare of MCS. Any companies whose strategy didn't account for the eventual end of temporary subsidies really ought to have a rethink.

    I'll leave higher level arguments about Government policies to others. My job is to work with what we have. I am confident that we will be fitting more PVs as a result of the changes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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